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Hand Scooped Guacamole

Taste the freshness - Hass avocados picked and scooped into our Good Foods Chunky Guacamole within days of harvest.

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Vibrant and delicious without any preservatives or artificial ingredients, exactly how you would make it if you had time.

Dill Pickle Chip Dip

Decadent, non-GMO, allergen free pickle dip with only 50 calories per serving and 3g carbs.

Tzatziki with fresh cucumbers & herbs

Our dairy free tzatziki is perfect for falafel and wraps, or will brighten up any salad!

Good Foods for good adventures

Delicious dips and guac for all your road trips

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Get the Good Guac

Get the Good Guac

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Awesome! It tastes so good. I like clean ingredients. I dip blue corn chips and veggies in it and it’s amazing. The best vegan dip ever. Thank you Good Foods!

EZEPlant-Based Buffalo dip review

I was pleasantly surprised with the taste of this guacamole. It was everything I needed without me making it at home or finding the perfect Mexican spot for them to make it in front of me. The container is a bit small, this one is good for 1 person in a single seating.

NeeshaSpicy Guacamole review

Perfect combination of avocado and pesto flavor. Works really great as a sandwich spread too!

Chelseamae30Plant-Based Avocado Pesto dip/sauce review

Wow. I wasn’t expecting this to taste so good since the ingredients are super clean and healthy. It’s not overwhelmingly spicy and also slightly sweet due to red bell peppers. You have to try this! I dipped cauliflower in this because I got lazy and never got around making the trendy cauliflower buffalo wings but I find this is an esier healthier alternative to curb cravings for buffalo wings. I’m sure it’ll taste good as sandwich spread as well.

KerriPlant-Based Buffalo dip review

Growing up in an Italian household I was a little hesitant to buy a pesto substitute but I’m super glad I did. There is a lot of flavor with a quarter of the calories of actual pesto. I have been using it on grilled chicken frequently!

RPPlant-Based Avocado Pesto dip/ sauce review



Items included:
Pick Up to 5 - 8oz Flavors

We recommend you drop it like it's guac!

Our guacamole is made from perfectly-ripe Hass avocados, hand scooped and prepared for you within days of harvest.

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SHOCKED at how good this is! Never tasted a nut queso cheese that was so good.

CariPlant-Based Queso review

I tried your chunky traditional guac and was amazed at the pop, the flavor and the amazing taste and feel of freshness. Why am I so excited? I keep strict kosher and the offerings for guac in the kosher market have not always been so tasty and fresh. I want to thank you and congratulate you on a great product. Please keep them coming!

Eli16 oz. Chunky Guacamole review

Saw this on the shelf as I strolled through the fresh fruits and vegetables isle. Grabbed the very last one as I read through the nutrition facts briefly. INCREDIBLE TASTE and as mentioned in other reviews, you can actually taste the avocado. It does have a limey taste if you enjoy tacos with lemon and salsa, this is a winner. Healthy + great taste = 5 stars.

EvelynAvocado Salsa review

Actual pieces of avocado pieces - this really IS chunky! It's great to have on hand for tacos or just easy snacking!

FoodgalChunky Guacamole review

This dip is so creamy I couldn't tell that it didn't have dairy in it!! We enjoyed it on veggies and with toasted naan bread. My picky kids even loved it.

MomlifePlant-Based Tzatziki review

I bought this for a work party, as I’m lactose intolerant I love looking at dairy alternatives, I didn’t tell anyone it was not actually queso and they were so surprised with the amazing queso dip, and wanted to know where I got it. Once I told them SURPRISE it was a plant based “queso” dip from Target, they were all shocked. Beyond happy with how amazing this tasted and will be buying a lot more in the future!

klk11Plant-Based Queso review

Excellent ingredients, great for Whole30, keto, low carb, etc. It doesn’t have a thick consistency like guac, it is definitely more of a salsa but at the same time it’s not runny. Super tasty and really fresh tasting, honestly it tasted like it could have come from the farmer’s market.

GblockAvocado Salsa review

I love the feta chunks!! Will be buying again

HaileyFeta Cucumber Dill dip review